Mayor registrador Frogans

Finalmente una Internet simple para todos

Next to the Web, Frogans is a new way to publish and consult content on the Internet. It feels natural because it is adapted to humans, not the other way around.

Compact sites that look like objects
On Frogans, we can all enjoy focused, visual and intuitive online experiences within original designs. Examples:

Simple addresses with a star (no dot)
On Frogans, we access sites via addresses made of two strings separated by the * symbol, like frogans*JodysRecipes or NewYorkCity*Hotels. When the first string (the network) is not “frogans”, the site publisher controls all Frogans addresses starting with that network, for example NewYorkCity*shows and NewYorkCity*1664.
A discreet browser
On Frogans, we are not bothered by performance, security or privacy issues because we use a fast browser that is guaranteed without viruses, malware or cookies. It’s called Frogans player.
Be prepared
On Frogans, we will see new services flourish in e-commerce, news, entertainment, corporate communications and others not invented yet. Frogans will be available for us all shortly but pioneers have already used Frogans Addresses For All to secure their addresses and networks.
What about yours?