New growth for your brand

How to seduce clients and prospects with limited free time and low attention span?

Next to the Web, Frogans is a new Internet channel that allows your brand to engage its audience naturally.
Thanks to a new site format – visual, focused and intuitive – you can bring them the essentials quickly and securely. A few original examples.
Frogans is the Internet of the future and the promise of anchoring your brand in a new era of growth.


Convey trust thanks to branded addresses

Simple to use, Frogans is also seen as trustworthy:
  • universal: fast and identical navigation on all smartphones, tablets and computers
  • secure: no security settings to adjust
  • respectful of personal data: no invasive tracking
Clients and prospects will recognize your trusted sites by the star (*) in their Frogans addresses:NetworkName*SiteName

Don’t be late to the party!

The network name, be it your brand, product or any other name, is reserved on a first-come first-served basis. The site names in your network will be exclusively for you to choose.
Among others, the Frogans networks Amazon* and Prime* have already been reserved.
Is your ideal Frogans network still available?
Check availability now!