Frogans is like the Web’s younger cousin

More precisely, Frogans is a new Internet publishing standard (see ICANN’s case study): Frogans sites are not Web sites but rather eye-catching graphic objects of any shape that work on any smartphone, tablet, computer and other connected device, even with little bandwidth.

Navigation of Frogans sites is fun, secure, user-friendly and respectful of private data.

It’s ideal for a new generation of online communication, advertising, gaming, gambling and e-commerce services.

Get a taste of Frogans:

A safe and original online experience for Frogans users:

  • enjoy graphic content you have never seen before
  • access sites even in low bandwidth conditions
  • navigate without risk of virus infection
  • reduce risks of typo-squatting and phishing during navigation
  • control your personal data and how it is shared with third parties
  • keep sites on your screen on a permanent basis

A creative and cost-effective channel for Frogans publishers:

  • create free form objects that live outside of a browser window
  • reach virtually any connected user, whatever device they use, with a simple address
  • develop and maintain content efficiently: your code will work the same on any screen
  • keep your usual servers and technical environment: existing APIs work with Frogans
  • publish natively in any human language
  • register any available address written in the alphabet of your choice


A vast choice of available premium Frogans addresses:
Each Frogans site has an address that consists of a network name and a site name separated by the * character (they are not domain names).
You can register Frogans addresses in most alphabets:

Register your own Frogans addresses right now in US Dollars or in Euros.