Get to the essential: a new Web for your content of tomorrow

Frogans is introduced in 2018 as a new medium on the Internet, next to the World Wide Web.Frogans doesn't mean to replace the Web but suggests to focus on the essential
Frogans is ideal for a new generation of online communication, advertising, gaming, gambling and e-commerce services for four billion connected users.


How do users perceive Frogans?
Simple to use: You don't need any technical knowledge to navigate on Frogans Universal: Frogans works the same way on all connected devices, and is fast at home, in the office and on the road Secure: You're so safe you don't need to deal with online security (there are no security settings) Respectful of personal data: you are protected from invasive mechanisms (there are no cookies) Environmentally friendly: You need little resources because Frogans is frugal in bandwidth, CPU and battery Creative: You'll enjoy graphic content you've never seen before, of any shape and with transparency
Internet users access Frogans through simple identifiers called Frogans addresses
Each Frogans address consists of a network name and a site name separated by the * character (they are not domain names).
NetworkName * SiteName
You can register your own Frogans names in most alphabets (Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Cyrillic, Greek, Devanagari, Arabic and Hebrew) and they are protected by anti-confusion rules.


Reserve your own Frogans names right now in US Dollars or in Euros.