Register your own Frogans addresses

Each Frogans site is accessed via a Frogans address that looks like:
Network and Site can be brand, product, community, geographical names or any strings that site publishers reserve on a first-come first-served basis.
  • You can register your address in the frogans* network (or its equivalent 福更斯* in Chinese, *فروجنز in Arabic, फ़्रॉगेन्स* in Devanagari….). For example, frogans*boutique, 福更斯*888 or Фроганс*Москва́.
  • If you desire a particular network named after your brand, service or category, you first have to reserve it to enjoy full branding and business opportunities. For example, reserve NewYorkCity* to be able to register NewYorkCity*Hotels.
Have an address or a network in mind?
Note: if the Frogans network in which you desire an address has already been reserved, contact us at to evaluate your options.

Frogans addresses Frogans are protected by strict anti-confusion rules. For example:
  • frogans*addresses is the same as Frogans*Addresses (the case does not matter)
  • ROE*RlCHARD (with lower case “l”) and ROE*RICHARD (with upper case “i”) are so similar that only one of them can be registered as Frogans address
  • 福更斯*宁 is considered the same as 福更斯*寧  (宁 and 寧 both mean “peaceful, calm”, in simplified and traditional Chinese)
  • app* (in Latin letters) and арр* (in Cyrillic letters) are so similar that only one of them can be registered as Frogans network

Detailed policies for registration and conflict resolution: