Register your own Frogans addresses

Each Frogans site is accessed by a Frogans address that looks like NetworkName * SiteName.

Network names and site names can be premium brands, products, community, geographical names or any other string you’d like to register.

The network can either be “public” or “dedicated”:

  • Public Frogans networks are named frogans* or its equivalent in other alphabets like 福更斯* in Chinese, *فروجنز in Arabic or फ़्रॉगेन्स* in Devanagari.
  • Dedicated Frogans networks can be named virtually anything. They are held by users like you who enjoy full branding and business opportunities.

Like dedicated Frogans networks, Frogans addresses and available on a first-come first-served basis and are protected by strict anti-confusion rules.

A few examples of protection against confusion:

  • frogans*addresses is the same as Frogans*Addresses (the case does not matter)
  • ROE*RlCHARD (with lower case “l”) and ROE*RICHARD (with upper case “i”) are so similar that only one of them can be registered as Frogans address
  • 福更斯*宁 is considered the same as 福更斯*寧  (宁 and 寧 both mean “peaceful, calm”, in simplified and traditional Chinese)
  • app* (in Latin letters) and арр* (in Cyrillic letters) are so similar that only one of them can be registered as Frogans network
Register your own Frogans addresses right now in US Dollars or in Euros.


Detailed policies for registration and conflict resolution: