Register your own Frogans networks

While Internet top-level domain extensions allow the registration of domain names with a limited variety of strings after the . symbol (like “.com” in, Frogans networks allow the registration of Frogans addresses with virtually any word, term or string before the * character.

The_NetworkName_I_pick * Any_SiteName

Registering your own dedicated Frogans network brings many benefits:

  • Full branding of your Frogans addresses: you control both sides of the * character
  • Unlimited choice: register as a network name virtually any string from any alphabet (up to 26 characters)
  • Exclusivity for registration of Frogans addresses in your network: keep them to yourself or rent them out
  • Pricing freedom: charge third parties whatever you want for using Frogans addresses in your network
  • Simple process to secure premium Internet real estate: no need to submit an application to ICANN or the OP3FT

Check availability and register your own Frogans networks right now in US Dollars or in Euros.


Detailed policies for registration and conflict resolution: