Reserve your own Frogans networks

A Frogans network is a group of Frogans addresses that start with the same word, term, or string of characters before the * symbol.
The network name can be a brand, a service, a community or anything else reserved on a first-come first-served basis.
Reserving your own Frogans network today brings many benefits:
  • Vast choice of available names: pick virtually any string from 1 to 28 characters still available
  • Full branding: you control both sides of the * symbol in the addresses in your Frogans network
  • Exclusivity: only you can register Frogans addresses in your network, for yourself or for third parties
  • Revenue generation: charge third parties whatever you want for using addresses in your Frogans network
  • Resell potential: you are free to transfer your Frogans network with all its addresses to whoever you want
  • Reservation in a few clicks: no need to submit an application to ICANN to secure your Frogans network

Thinking about a specific network?

Frogans networks are protected by strict anti-confusion rules. For example:
  • NewYorkCity* is the same as NEWYORKCITY* (the case does not matter)
  • RlCHARD* (with lower case “l”) and RICHARD* (with upper case “i”) are so similar that only one of them can be registered as Frogans network
  • 宁* is considered the same as 寧*  (宁 and 寧 both mean “peaceful, calm”, in simplified and traditional Chinese)
  • app* (in Latin letters) and арр* (in Cyrillic letters) are so similar that only one of them can be registered as Frogans network

Detailed policies for registration and conflict resolution: