Register your own Frogans networks

While Internet top-level domain extensions allow the registration of domain names with a limited variety of strings after the . symbol (like “.com” in, Frogans networks allow the registration of Frogans addresses with virtually any word, term or string before the * character.

Registering your own dedicated Frogans network brings many benefits:

  • Full branding of your Frogans addresses: you control both sides of the * character
  • Unlimited choice: register as a network name virtually any string from any alphabet (up to 26 characters)
  • Exclusivity for registration of Frogans addresses in your network: keep them to yourself or rent them out
  • Pricing freedom: charge third parties whatever you want for using Frogans addresses in your network
  • Simple process to secure premium Internet real estate: no need to submit an application to ICANN or the OP3FT
Thinking about specific networks?


Detailed policies for registration and conflict resolution: