Top Frogans registrar

Finally a simple Internet for all

In an ever more complex Internet, Frogans introduces simple sites for all. Next to the Web, Frogans feels natural because it is adapted to humans – not the other way around.

On Frogans, access to content and services is immediate, everything is visible on screen and under control. No learning curve.


Compact sites that look like objects

On Frogans, we can all enjoy visual, focused and intuitive online experiences with original designs (click on examples below or visit our pilot program).


Simple addresses with a star (no dot)

On Frogans, we access sites via addresses made of two names separated by the * character, like frogans*ChefJody or NewYork*Hotels. Brands can enjoy their own networks of addresses.

A discreet browser

On Frogans, we are not bothered by performance, security or privacy issues because we use a fast browser that is guaranteed without viruses, malware or cookies. It’s Frogans player.
Click here to learn how Frogans will simplify your online life.