What can be done on Frogans?

Because people long for simple experiences online, Frogans is the perfect platform to develop uses for tomorrow.

Frogans is emerging from 20 years of R&D and new ideas are being developed every day. Below are a few examples of our Frogans pilot program – each publisher has been masked until their Frogans site is officially launched.
Drive sales in-store with visual loyalty programDevelop brand affinity with fun sponsorship activationIncrease lead conversion with innovative showcaseDrive sales online with alluring perks experience Reinforce brand values with product extensionIncrease market share with natural experience


Testing new uses with Frogans is facilitated by simple development principles:
  • Frogans is described in only one simple language (called FSDL). No need to master style sheets nor any scripting language.
  • Frogans can connect to the APIs that have already been developed for Web sites and apps.
  • Developers can use their favorite work environment, like PHP or Java.
  • Frogans needs only to be developed and tested on one platform. It will work exactly the same on all other devices.
  • Frogans can be hosted on the same servers the publisher already uses for Web.