Grow your business by reselling Frogans names

Like other software layers on the Internet such as the World Wide Web or Email, Frogans is a complex set of standards and rules. Building your own online store also poses challenges to guarantee easy and secure transactions to your customers.

We can help you generate sales without the hassle of having to build your own online shopping infrastructure.

Join Frogans Addresses For All affiliates now and start offering intuitive management tools, backed by the same secure platform that powers

Your customers will be able to:

  • Visit your branded Frogans e-Commerce Web site
  • Check the availability of Frogans networks and addresses
  • Register and manage online their own portfolio of Frogans names
  • Pay through the same secure e-payment gateway we use on a daily basis
  • Benefit from the same high protection from theft and piracy our own clients enjoy

Moreover, Frogans Addresses For All will share with you the best practices related to the registration and setup of Frogans addresses on public and dedicated networks. We will also keep you informed of any evolution of the Frogans standard and any business opportunity it can create for you and your customers.

Contact us at to know more about affiliating with Frogans Addresses For All.