∼ Tired of overloaded sites, especially on mobile?
∼ Had enough bulky and opaque apps?
∼ Fed up with today’s complex online experiences?

Frogans is the Internet for you!

Complementary to the Web, Frogans is a new way to publish and consult content on the Internet.Frogans favors simple online experiences: - visual communication rather than text - focused content rather than large pages - intuitive interaction rather than complex user interfaces
Potential uses range from social networking, education, gaming and e-commerce to services not yet invented. Some companies are developing new business uses within our pilot program.


How do people perceive Frogans?

Simple to use: You don't need any technical knowledge to navigate on FrogansUniversal: Frogans works the same way on all connected devices, and is fast at home, in the office and on the roadSecure: You're so safe you don't need to deal with online security (there are no security settings)Respectful of personal data: you are protected from invasive mechanisms (there are no cookies)Environmentally friendly: You need little resources because Frogans is frugal in bandwidth, CPU and batteryCreative: You'll enjoy graphic content you've never seen before, of any shape and with transparency

Your Frogans address is your identity on this new Internet

Anybody can access Frogans via simple addresses that consist of a network name and a site name separated by the * character.
Entrepreneurs worldwide are currently reserving their Frogans addresses so they can control their online identity. You can, too! First-come, first-served.
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