Why make things complicated online?

Frogans is a new Internet that is simple to use because it is visual, focused and intuitive.

That’s ideal for marketing your brands and products as well as communicating with your employees and other stakeholders.
Emerging from 18 years of R&D, Frogans allows you to imagine original uses that cannot be developed on the Web or with apps.


But Frogans will bring even more value to you:
Reach: Frogans works the same way on any mobile, tablet or computer.
Agility: Develop on the device of your choice, Frogans will work on all.
Control: No need to submit Frogans content to any app store.
Branding: Frogans is accessible via branded addresses distinguished by their star (*) character.
Companies are currently reserving their Frogans addresses on a first-come first-served basis (among others, Amazon* has already been reserved). They then can use, rent out or resell them as they wish.
Contact us today to know how your company can benefit from Frogans.