Why make things complicated online?

Frogans is a new Internet that is simple to use: visual, focused and intuitive.

That’s ideal for marketing your brands and products as well as communicating with your employees and other stakeholders.
But Frogans will bring even more value to you:
Reach: Frogans works on any mobile, tablet or computer
Agility: Develop on any device, Frogans works on all
Control: No need to submit Frogans content to any app store
Branding: Frogans content and addresses can be fully branded
Assets: Rent out or resell your Frogans addresses as you wish


Emerging from 18 years of R&D, Frogans is already accessible via simple addresses distinguished by their star (*) character.
Companies are currently reserving their Frogans addresses on a first-come first-served basis. Amazon* and others have already been reserved.
Contact us today to know how your company can benefit from Frogans.